Goodbye Lyndon 💔

Lyndon was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Aylesbury in 2013. 
I casually went on google one day to look for the nearest New Frontier Church ; the Exchange Church immediately  popped up on my screen. 

I remember Derek and I walking into the church and meeting Lyndon for the first time. He was friendly and welcoming. That same day we signed up to join his small group, which was to be held at his address every Tuesday. Derek and I made an effort to attend small group meetings religiously until the group dissolved at the end of the year.

Our car broke down in 2014 and we went through the whole of that year without a car. Lyndon was such an amazing man. He’d come and get us every Sunday to church. What a big heart he had! I will never forget his kindness.

Like I said at church on Sunday, if I was asked to nominate one person who I knew for certain to make it to heaven, it would be Lyndon. A devoted man of God who served in the church wholeheartedly. 

He kept a paper diary and would always take note of days I had university exams and made sure to drop a text with encouraging words on dreadful exam mornings. 

My last encounter with Lyndon was at the Christmas fete at the primary school. I asked him what he’d be doing for Christmas and just like the previous year he told me he’d be spending it all by himself. It made me a bit sad. I told him how I’d love to cook him a big meal if not for the fact that we’d be off to Ghana for Christmas. He replied saying, “tell me all about Ghana when you get back”. Knowing Lyndon, it was his way of brushing it off as if to say ‘Fiona do not worry, I’ll be just fine. You have fun and tell me all about it when you get back ‘.

I left for Ghana on 21st December and received an email the following day with the heartbreaking news of Lyndon’s passing. Seeing his empty seat last Sunday crashed my heart. I’m still in shock and still have not come to terms with the fact that Lyndon is gone forever. 

Dearest Lyndon you’re gone but memories of you are so precious. You will be sorely missed!



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