New beginnings start on Clean slates


what to write? what to write?


I have no clue as to what I will be blogging about the most, but my journey begins from here.

I love photography, the great outdoors, traveling, nature, working out, family, God, cooking, Baking cakes and making desserts. Surely, a lot of my future blogs will cover most of these topics, nonetheless, I have no intention to limit myself as I may develop some more interests (of course I will ;-D).

I have been married since January 2013, and I am a mom of one (A 2-year-old – dealing with terrible 2s isn’t a joke!) currently studying Legal Professional Course at the University of Law, Guildford, England (I find it quite daunting at times, if I am to be honest). I live in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire (it’s nice and quiet here, not a fan of the busy city life).

Welcome to my world! I do hope to make lots of fun memories on here xx