I do not worry so much when faced with a storm because I have an anchor that keeps me steadfast while the billows roll.

There is so much in life to make one worry. However there are also many things in life to make a person smile. For example the air that we breathe, the very fact that we are alive, family, church, water, food, work, just being able to live a normal life and all.

I think of my anchor as my supporter, my strength, my comforter, my security and my safe pair of hands. I may be feeling weak internally but I put my faith in my anchor because I know that I will go through the storm no matter the outcome.

Having an anchor does not mean that one would not stumble or perhaps fall in the midst of the storm. Having an anchor also does not mean that one will not get hurt or even die.

Having an anchor means the storm won’t break or sink the ship. So even when all is not well with you there is still something to be grateful for.

Do not throw in the towel when the going gets tough. Trust me I have reached certain points in life when I have felt like giving up and pulling out because of a hiccup or two. Wanting to bury my head in the sand and just quit!

But my heavenly father reminds me daily that there is so much more to be happy for and to not allow myself to be discouraged when faced with trouble. It is right to say that God is bigger than the trouble we face so why should we worry.


New beginnings start on Clean slates


what to write? what to write?


I have no clue as to what I will be blogging about the most, but my journey begins from here.

I love photography, the great outdoors, traveling, nature, working out, family, God, cooking, Baking cakes and making desserts. Surely, a lot of my future blogs will cover most of these topics, nonetheless, I have no intention to limit myself as I may develop some more interests (of course I will ;-D).

I have been married since January 2013, and I am a mom of one (A 2-year-old – dealing with terrible 2s isn’t a joke!) currently studying Legal Professional Course at the University of Law, Guildford, England (I find it quite daunting at times, if I am to be honest). I live in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire (it’s nice and quiet here, not a fan of the busy city life).

Welcome to my world! I do hope to make lots of fun memories on here xx